Här skriver Latitude64, Westside och Dynamic Disc om de olika plastyperna på discar och deras förutsättningar
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Latitude 64° manufactures discs in our own factory in the north of Sweden. Our discs are designed by PDGA Hall of Fame member Tomas Ekström in co-operation with local European Champions.

Opto Air uses the same material as our durable Opto Line plastic. It is modified and the runs are done in a different way to achieve a stunning result of lighter weight discs that still has a layer of solid plastic at the tip and bottom of the rim to protect the alternated material that is mostly centered in the middle of the rim but also spread out slightly over the top of the discs to keep the weight distribution as close as possible to the Opto and Gold Line discs.

Gold Line is our premium blend plastic. The start of the mix has been the same brand plastics used in Opto Line but we added a different polymer to give it better grip without losing the excellent durability of Opto Line.

Is made out of some of the world’s most durable plastics. It comes in a variety of beautiful transluscent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

Has been developed to produce discs with the best grip on the market. It has a ”shiny” look that makes the bright colors stand out. Discs in the Grip plastic are no longer in production, but may still be available for purchase at retailers and stores until it’s out of stock.

Zero Line is the soft grippy putter plastic used in our putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel. The feel you need in your short game! We have received much demand for softer Zero Line discs, so we will make an effort to deliver that during 2013.

Eze Line was used during 2012 and the plan was that it would replace Zero Line. We have not been satisfied with the outcome of some of the discs so production in Eze Line material will be put on hold. During 2013 the premium putter plastic used in Zero Line will be back on the shelves.
The mid 80s was a great time. Disc Golf had just come all the way up to Latitude 64 and we played all through the night in the midnight sun. Translucent discs were far from being invented and all discs were understable with today's standards. We remember those days with nostalgic feelings and wanted a plastic that would remind us of how it used to be. For a long time we have had requests that we should make discs that could be broken in more easily. Test after test after test led us to this new plastic blend that we have named Retro.

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     BT-plastics properties
     Westside BT plastic has great flight characteristics, exactly as good as VIP and Tournament plastics. A
     novice player may feel the BT plastic easier to grip than our other plastics. The BT plastic is more
     economical compared to high-end VIP and Tournament plastics but BT plastics durability is not as good.
     The BT plastic is available at selected european department stores.

     BT Soft -plastic
     Our BT Soft plastic was designed to  feel good in your hand. Using a blend if rubbers and polymers have
     given it a smooth texture and a great grip. Rain, snow, our shine BT soft will provide that consistent
     release. Molded in approach discs and putters. BT Soft feels good on any day and holds great lines.
     Try our other BT plastics also for similar grips with a stiffer feel.
     BT Medium -plastic
     The second in our BT line the Medium is for all conditions.  It has a tacky grip, great durability, and feels
     fantastic in your hand. In the cold it will still have some give; in the heat it will still hold its shape.
     Designed for the users comfort BT Medium is just what you need to enjoy your next game. We offer BT
     in our putters and mid ranges as those two aspects of the game are all about feel. Feel our BT Medium
     today and you will fall in love.
     BT Hard -plastic
     The final of our BT line the BT Hard was designed to give the user that firmer feel while maintaining a
     tacky ip. Great for warm climates the BT Hard holds its shape and is extremely durable. Also available in
     putters and mid ranges the BT Hard will give you that consistent fast release you get from stiffer plastics
   . Try the BT Hard and increase your consistency immediately.

     VIP plastic is our most durable plastic. It comes in a nice see through and opaque  appearance. It has a
     tacky grip nice glossy finish. Designed with super resistant polymers to withstand great force, still hold
     its shape, and maintain original flight characteristics. No matter what you hit VIP will show great
     resilience and fly the same the next time you throw it.

     Our Tournament plastic is just what it sounds like. Designed with the experienced tournament player in
     mind, TP has a tackier grip, and is faster out if the hand. It has a softer feel, thus breaking in easier
     than VIP. Not all shots are hyzers and sometimes you will have to shape shots. TP plastic will give you
     the flights you need in those tournament situations.

     VIP AIR-plastic
     Our VIP Air line was designed to make throwing discs easier for players of all levels.  It will give you
     more distance in most conditions. VIP air has the same feel in the hand as our VIP line but is just lighter
     and infused with tiny air bubbles. The bubbles help the disc stay in the air longer. We offer VIP Air in 160
     grams and under in most molds. Perfect for the recreational player to enjoy a more exciting game while
     playing disc golf.

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         Dynamic Discs started in March of 2005 as an internet and eBay based online disc golf store
         specializing in custom discs and apparel. In December of 2012, Dynamic Discs transitioned from disc
         golf retailer to disc golf retailer and disc golf manufacturer by partnering with Latitude 64° to have
         golf discs designed and produced to serve the growing demands of the disc golf industry.

         Moonshine has all oft he benefits of Lucid with an added feature - it glows in the dark! Give your disc 
         some light and keep golfing all night long. Expect Moonshine molds to be slightly more overstable
         than the Lucid version.

         Fuzion combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to provide players with additional
         grip. . It is a non-transparent blend of plastic that is slightly more  overstable than the  Lucid
         The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful  and durable  plastic
         in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics
         of the disc for many rounds of disc golf.

         Lucid Air
         Lucid Air uses the same material as our durable Lucid plastic. It has solid  and bottom of the rim to
         protect the microbubbles in the plastic on impact. These plastic at the topmicrobubbles actually
         make the disc lighter. They are spread out through the top of the disc  and middle of the rim to keep
         the weight distribution nearly identical to Lucid and Fuzion discs.
         BioFuzion plastic is the by-product from a mixture of Lucid and  Fuzion plastics that had blemishes
         or cosmetic flaws. Some of these discs may have specks of plastic, flakes , or other minor
         cosmetic flaws that will not affect the flight, performance,  or durability of the disc.

         Classic Soft
         When feel and grip are the most important elements, reach for Classic Soft.
         This blend of plastic gives the disc that perfect feel and fit in your hand.

         Classic Blend 
         Classic Blend is the perfect combination of grip and flexibility in the Classic plastic series.
         If Classic Soft is too soft and Classic is too hard, reach for the blend!

         Classic plastic is the perfect blend of tackiness and firmness for players looking for a stiff golf disc.

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